See Art @ artsee

Regularly rotating curated exhibitions are the spice of life.


See Art @ artsee

Regularly rotating curated exhibitions are the spice of life.

See Art Gallery

ARTSEE was designed with the purpose of being a gallery... a gallery for artfully created eyewear and for fine Art as well. Just as in the curation of the eyewear ARTSEE carries, the art shows are curated with an equally eclectic eye. Artists who have shown at ARTSEE hail from the four corners of the Earth. Please take a moment to pause during your busy day and peruse some Art from past and present exhibitions below.





Artist Statement

My recent body of work is a series of geometric drawings and paintings that stem from my

on-going interest in Folk Art Quilts and pattern design. I borrow traditions from quilt

making using improvisation, contrast, multiple patterns, and shifts in scale. I incorporate

colors, textures, and structures representative of my natural surroundings in South Florida.

The combination of translucent inks and watercolors with opaque gouache and acrylics,

create movement, flow, contrast and continuity. They are all finished with embroidery

reminiscent of the traditional handwork they are all originally inspired by.


Born and raised in Queens, New York, I have been sewing and creating quilt pieces for

over 15 years. I’ve exhibited work in various venues in South Florida, including The Boca

Art Museum, The Coral Gables Museum, 6th Street Container, Hollywood Art & Culture

Center, Girls Club of Fort Lauderdale, and Turn-Based Press. I learned to sew when I was

a child, graduated from High School of Art & Design, in New York City, and studied

photography at Fashion Institute of Technology, also in New York City. I've had the

opportunity to do various residencies at The Deering Estate, the Artist in Residence in the

Everglades (AIRIE), ArtCenter/South Florida, and The Studios of Key West. Currently I live

in Miami, and have a studio at The Fountainhead Studios.


"Corpora delicti" by Gamaliel Herrera

ArtSee Eyewear Battery Park City presents “Corpora delicti”, paintings and collage works by artist Gamaliel Herrera, on view from September 25 through November 14, 2014. The works of Gamaliel Herrera take on a somewhat curious polyvalent stance on the word “curate”. While this word has become “a fashionable code among the aesthetically minded “ -­ The New York Times (10/02/2009)-­, this artist-­curator-­physician not only selects, edits and reconfigures pieces that he finds closer to the dumpster than the museum, he instills a notion of “curing” or healing that is closer to the original meaning of the Latin term curare, which means to treat or cure or to look after. Herrera’s abstract manipulations of the found images and surfaces intend to fool with figurative expectations, often giving the feeling of getting close to a landscape or portrait. The color palate is reduced, dark, tending to the photographic negative or inverse. The works are raw, elegant, and tend towards the affective, the personal, the one of a kind.



Hedwig and the Angry Inch has been a hot topic lately. The revival of the late-90s rock musical gained plenty of buzz after the Tony Awards performance and their four-fold win at the ceremony. So what better time to let people know about the history of the original production at Jane Street Theater?

Mark Tusk, who was close to the inaugural stage production and who served as an executive producer for the Hedwig movie in 2001, released a series of behind-the-scenes photos of the original actors and crew in nightclubs and on stage leading up to the opening of the show. Tuesday night, Artsee Eyewear had an opening reception for the "It’s Pronounced hedVig" collection at their chic FiDi storefront on Murray St with cocktails by El Buho Mezcal.

“[Mark] was always that person in the posse that always had a camera, which was kind of annoying but kind of fun,” laughed Creative Director Jason Schell, who curated the collection. He reminisced about when the creators of Hedwig would meet with friends at Squeeze Box, one of the major homes of rock and roll in NYC at the time, to see performers like Debbie Harry, Mistress Formika, and Miss Guy. “Hedwig was born there,” he noted.

Next Magazine covered the event...

Alfonso Muñoz : Real Barbs 2

Artsee Eyewear Battery Park City presents "Real Barbs 2" photos and installation by artist Alfonso Muñoz who masterfully creates miniaturized worlds where a matured and cultured Barbie thrives. These intricate rooms allow the viewer to peer into a world of haute couture and beguile the voyeur to look closer- For "attention must be paid'', and will be rewarded by the many little discoveries hiding in plain sight. On view through March 24th, 2014.



Maurizio Galimberti : Portraits


Photographs by Maurizio Galimberti record the immediacy of the gaze, its mosaics constructed through the use of polaroid reflect the desire to want to tell the viewer a story: the truth of a meeting, the interiority of a person, the prospects of daring a landscape. In this process, the technical and aesthetic the artist keeps alive the poetry of the surrounding world through the testimony of those who have been the subject of his works, a lyricism that gives way to a feeling of indefinite, in a kind of suspension that accompanies the images and invests the viewer with a latent pleasure of an emotional fabric that is also based in search of scraps of absence. Maurizio Galimberti is a master of contemporary photography, an artist who has built his own language through experimentation and visual aesthetics. In a long chat Galimberti has probed the origins of his imagery, told how the composition of an image is the result of a technical process and emotional.






All photography provided by Sean Riva , Karin Kohlberg & Leonor Mendoza